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I provide products for people who are ready to work on themselves independently and products complementary to the counseling or coaching services you may be currently receiving.  Using self-help materials can be very empowering.


It should aid in helping you feel as though you are taking control over your life and taking your future into your own hands. Becoming the master of your destiny is essential to your success both personally and professionally. Check out the products I offer here.


Self-Esteem Prompt Journal

After working in the counseling field for fifteen plus years I was inspired by my clients to write a self-esteem prompt journal. This self-help book with over 100 pages contains 30 introspective questions to lead you in your self-discovery, 21 motivational quotes to inspire you while you journal and 7 therapeutic coloring pages to give you pause throughout your journaling experience. 

It also contains a list of journaling songs. "Learning to Love Me" was designed to help identify opportunities for growth, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and to motivate you to take the time to love you better and love you best

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