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Hi, I'm

Coach Karla!

I'm an Intuitive, Empathic Licensed Professional  Counselor and a Transformation Coach!   

"I empower women to make emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations to become the best version of themselves in their personal and professional lives!”


Who I Am

I am a Creative. An Entrepreneur. A Singer. A Writer. An Intuitive Empath... A Therapist who has overcome major personal challenges including stuttering, trauma, and chronic illness. It has been my life's mission and my greatest joy to pass on what I've learned to help others overcome their challenges as well.

In college, I obtained a business degree and I started my career in sales. I landed a Sales Supervisor position but I soon found that much of my time was spent listening to and solving people's problems. I then answered the call to be a Therapist and obtained my Masters in Counseling.

Since then I've worked with children and parents in the foster care system, those active in addiction, and those behind prison walls.

I have a holistic, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral approach. My clients often compliment me on my warmth and compassion.

I have 18 plus years of experience and I am licensed by the state of Tennessee as a professional counselor and certified nationally.


My Essential Beliefs

  • I am a progressive Christian.

  • I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

  • I believe that life and death are in the power of the tongue.

  • I believe that people have the right to love whom they want to love and that love is love.

  • God introduces Himself to people but doesn't force Himself on them.

  • That we/I can't force our beliefs on others; nor would God want that.

  • Prayer is important and prayer makes a difference. 

  • Our angels and ancestors work on our behalf.

  • I believe that God "set the stars for a sign" per the bible which includes the astrological signs.

  • I believe that I have experienced many of the challenges that I've faced so that I can sympathize effectively and better assist my clients.

  • I believe that there is a purpose in our pains that we experience and the meaning behind our circumstances.

  • I believe that God speaks to us through a variety of ways which can include dreams, signs, mental impressions, and of course through people. 

  • I'm a big advocate of journaling, affirmations, and positive self-talk as well as therapeutic or essential oils and meditation.

About Me
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Client Testimonials

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I see Karla Lewis and she is amazing. She gets me to think about things I have never thought to address and without being pushy or making me feel rushed. She also is very good with anxiety. I am glad I found her and recommend her to anyone who needs help.


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When I came to Karla, all my coping tools were broken; my usual methods of dealing with life crises were not working. I was terrified to let someone in. I am by nature and nurture driven to be independent, however Karla's approach and method swiftly made me feel safe. She is empowering, inspiring, motivational and for me those things are important but she also helps me face and greet each emotion, even ones that are uncomfortable.

- AC

Testimonial Quote-01.png

I met Karla Lewis August of 2019. After working with several psychologists and therapists, I was more hesitant than optimistic. It was not until our third session that my hesitation became just a mere thought rather than a feeling. I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar Depression in 2020. Saying I was distraught or even angry was an understatement. Karla helped me realize my diagnosis does not define who I am as a person. Now she gives me homework after our sessions that is helping me LOVE and BELIEVE in myself more than I did almost 2 years ago.


Testimonial Quote-01.png

She helped bring us to health!

- AG

Testimonial Quote-01.png

Ms. Karla is full of resources and warmth that cannot be imagined. I’m so grateful to have her.


"Learning to Love Me: A Self-esteem Journal” Reviews

Testimonial Quote-01.png

I highly recommend “Learning to Love Me”! It’s a great journaling guide for self-reflection. It also has invaluable life quotes to remind us of the importance of self-love. My personal fave is “I’m God’s Girl”


Testimonial Quote-01.png

Finally got a chance to sit down and read through the book and do a bit of journaling. Love that I now have a plan of action to redirect my negative thoughts when they arise. I like the prompting questions aspect. Made it easier to focus on the right questions to ask myself. Thank you!


Testimonial Quote-01.png

Hi Karla! I wanted to say I finished your book and I cried like a baby. The book is so refreshing and a must own for any women going through a transition in their lives.   The questions you asked us as readers to answer were very thought provoking and required that I be completely honest with myself, which I didn't want to be, but I was. Once I started writing and my feelings or suppressed feelings started to surface, I began to feel much lighter.   I've decided to take some necessary steps to getting back to the basics of caring and loving me again fully and completely! When being pulled in so many directions you begin to lose sight to what matters most, ME! Thank you so much for sharing what God has released in you to the rest of us!


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