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My Bio

I am a licensed mental health therapist with over 15 years of mental health experience. My degrees in business and counseling, make me uniquely qualified to consult with you on your personnel and programming needs.
I have a passion for helping people become their best selves and achieve their goals. My focus is on helping people heal, transform, and assert their power through 1:1 coaching or counseling, group work, and training or facilitation. 


I also help people believe they can overcome life's challenges. (This information is offered in both of my online signature courses “You Can Make It: 6 Weeks of Getting Back Your Personal Power! & "You Can Heal: 6 Weeks To Heal Your Hurt Heart!". These courses were developed from a spiritual perspective. Both are an introspective look at how you view life and your pain and what God says about how to heal it.) 

I am an award-winning public speaker and philanthropist who was awarded The National "100 Voices Award" by Charming Shoppes, Inc. for my work with youth, adolescents, and women who've been in economically disadvantaged and abusive situations. 

I have been sought after to facilitate training and workshops and to publish on Building Team Morale, Effective Teamwork, Effective Leadership, Handling Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Girl Talk, Womens Empowerment, Nurturing Parenting, Healing from Trauma, etc. I have also been a successful business owner for the past 11 years and as such I have a passion for upcoming business leaders. I am also available to speak on Business Plan Development, Effective Marketing, Training, Public Speaking and Time Management, Business Presence and Professionalism, Business Discipline, and Business Ethics.

(I am now accepting engagements to speak at your upcoming conference, workshop, or retreat and to facilitate training for your company or group on these and other business and interpersonal topics.)

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